Kék Duna Wellness Hotel****

Rooms(7) Theater Banquet Standing Reception Area Seating
1 Fekete Erdő 18 8 12 36 m2 mobil
2 Duna – Fekete Erdő – Ráckeve 75 50 75 108 m2 mobil
3 Ráckeve 18 8 12 36 m2 mobil
4 Duna 18 8 12 36 m2 mobil
5 Duna – Fekete Erdő, vagy Ráckeve – Fekete Erdő 40 20 35 72 m2 mobil
6 Rózsa terem 120 70 80 135 m2 mobil
7 Orchidea terem 30 22 25 135 m2 mobil


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By car the easiest way to approach Ráckeve by connecting route 51 from Budapest and from East. From West the easiest way to approach Ráckeve is Csepel-sziget road. The Budapest – Ráckeve line takes only 50 minutes on these ways.

On public road:
Ráckeve can be approached several ways from West through the River Danube:
– Adony, Lórév Ráckeve or Ercsi, Szigetújfalu, Szigetszentmárton, Ráckeve
– From M1 and M7 route on M0 then on route 51 or through Csepel-sziget road
From South by route 6 go through the Dunaföldvár Bridge and route 51 or from M5 on M0 by switching at route 51
Ráckeve can be approached from North by touching Budapest.
From Pest side after the beginning of M5 highway on M0 route you have to take the exit at Baja – Dunaharaszti to route 51. Turn off from route 51 at Kiskunlacháza to Ráckeve at the Pereg turnout. From Buda side go to Csepel-sziget road to Ráckeve.
From East by route 4 then route 51 or by route 3.

By bus:
Direct bus line from the capital to Ráckeve. Transfer at bus lines which go by touching Kiskunlacháza to Ráckeve.

By train (HÉV):
From Budapest Közvágóhíd there is a direct line to Ráckeve each hour. Travel duration is 75 minutes. Local bus line departures from HÉV between Budapest – Csepel.

Elérhető programok, lehetőségek, extrák

We are waiting for our guests with several conference rooms. The modernly equipped 108 m2 conferece room has got natural lighting and can accomodate 80 person. It can be divided into three equal part by sound-proof walls if required therefore it can be the perfect location even of company trainings next to conferences, balls and receptions. The newly built 108 m2, 54 m2 and 30 m2 conference- and section rooms are located next to the cozy Palm Garden decorated with unique plants which ensures the perfect relaxation during breaks between conferences. Rooms can be used individually as section rooms or unshut as a seperate event hall.

Type of Place

  • Conference-, Eventcentre
  • Hotel

Parking, Accomodations

Accommodation Capacity

111 beds, 0 single rooms, 47 double rooms
Private car-park, capacity: 60
The hotel operates with 47 rooms on two levels and can accomodate 111 person.
Rooms are equipped with air-condition and many of them have a look at the River Danube. Only 4 apartments have a look at the inner garden.


  • Flipchart
  • Screen
  • TV
  • Multimedia projector
  • Cordless microphone
  • Speakers
  • Projector
  • Slide Projector